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Pat Akey

Assistant Professor at University of Toronto


Valuing Changes in Political Networks: Evidence from Campaign Contributions to Close Congressional Elections, 2015, Review of Financial Studies, 28:3188-223


2016 RFS Rising Scholar Award

2013 USC Finance PhD Conference Best Paper Award




Working Papers

Policy Uncertainty, Political Capital, and Firm Risk-Taking with Stefan Lewellen

Link (Revise and Resubmit at RFS)


Media Coverage: The Economist


Politicizing Consumer Credit with Stefan Lewellen and Rawley Heimer


Pushing Boundaries: Political Redistricting and Consumer Credit

with Christine Dobridge, Rawley Heimer and Stefan Lewellen


Works in Process

Political Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility with Stefan Lewellen and Inessa Liskovich


Limited Liability and Economic Organization: Evidence from the EPA with Ian Appel


Stock Market Perceptions of Legal Policy with Thomas Bourveau, and Tony Cookson


Political Connections and Economic Efficiency with Enghin Atalay, Stefan Lewellen, and Rui Silva